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OffSet Kings 2015 /Gridlife


Offset Kings 2015 is a colaboration between Fatlace , JDM Chicago and the fine folks of Gridlife in bringing round 2 of gridlife to chicago. Offset Kings is a showcase started by Fatlace out in cali presenting only the best the culture has to offer. The midwest has JDM Chicago to make the final decision on the show car entries to ensure top notch quality is all thats present. Round 2 of Gridlife continues at the autobahn of joilet for more of what we crave, racing, drifting, and exquisite vehicles.

The case with any big event, arrival times are designated and set accordingly to the show needs. Whether your car is in the showcase or going out on the track means more than likely it is an early morning. Coordinating the meet up with your crew is essential because its always better to arrive in numbers. 

Tech inspections and parking lay outs take up most the moring activities for the staff before spectators are let in. Making sure not only that the vehicles are safe but also for the people walking the paddock.

The paddock in full swing with drivers making last minute adjustments and drifters preparing for the tire shredding carnage that lie ahead. The next thing to do was wait for the gates to open and the track to go hot.

While the grassy knoll showcase area parked its last few gems in place. The owners next challenge is to make themselves at home. Canopy's offer shade since they will have to have the car there for the entire show, any little bit of comfort will help.

All the show cars in place just in time for the gates to open and the public to flood in. Like a waterfall, the flow of people was emense and steady. Shortly after opening the Autobahn was packed with families, loners, stoners and everything in between. 

The evo X is turning into the drivers vehicle, we see the evo's reputation as being the nimbler more track ready AWD platform than its rival the WRX. In the paddock the evo X was quite noticeable. While the subaru brothern had its strength in numbers in the show case are. 

Widebody two door impreza's are the creme' de la creme' when it comes to the Subaru heritage. Its WRC roots and pedigree make the GC8 a piece of history and a most sought after prized possesion. If we see a subaru thats not rocking a wide body kit then we can safely say that it is most likely low. The forrester is a neglected chassis but when done right, we see that it can hold its own.

Making my way through the lawn, a few cars stood out. Probaly because of the V.I.P touch of styling on completely totally different chassis. Its a certain swagger that can pull this look off. Not every one can do it successfully, but to those that do, I tip my hat to you.

Hearing the sequense of ignitions and engines firing up while walking the showcase area meant that the drifting was near.

Sure to grab who ever and to get a good seat because the drifting was the main attraction that the people went banana's for.

The drifting extracts emotional reactions from the crowd. With every blip of the throttle, tire smoking action, or too much angle causing a spin out, a roar from the crowd was had. Cheering the drivers on and pushing the limit of each individual. 

Team proceed and Team breaking were two drift crews with nearly all members present and drifting on the track.

What is really trending in states now is the importation of late 80's & early 90's vehicles from japan since it is now legal. Before the only way of seeing a four door skyline drift was on youtube. Thanks to companies like Japanese Classics, now the dream can be reality.

After the drift session was done, another lap around the grassy field was instore. The sun was at its highest point and the event was in full swing. Summer time Chicago is quit the experience and offset kings 2015 brought the cali sun and good vibes.

I spent the remainder of my day hanging with this evo and the guys of beyond boost. A crew of some seriously stout vehicles and some of the realist S.O.B's in the chicagoland.


Say hello to the man that got all these shots for us today, thank you E. Be sure to go check him out on face book at NKS PHOTOGRAPHY.

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