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MXPI Thanksgiving Food Drive

With the seasons end drawing near and hibernation and the holidays right around the corner. Cid from MXPI hosted this food drive so that the Chicago car scene could get one last time together, just so happened to be for a good cause this time. Chitownmeets, ElegantShot Studios, styln decals, and me along with some local business support, together we helped bring this event to life. With chill energy flowing through the speakers, zolar ENT kept the beats going. As the sun started to set, so did the reality that the season is coming to an end

  Another Level 2012

At the end of July,  the Chicago land car scenes migrates to Palatine for the annual another level car show. A massive parking garage is host to this event and cars and vendors take over the top floors. Some 500 cars and bikes participate and compete for glory. This was my first another level car show and my first official show. I brought the booth and a few cars to rep my set. So I learned a lot from this day.  Almost bit off more than I can chew, and yes the video might have suffered a bit from me spreading myself to thin. My hands where full this day, between working the booth, taking pics, gathering footage, and talking to my peers. I want to thank everyone involved in another level car show and all the people I meet that day. It was a great learning experience and an outstanding event. Oh yeah, SDL took home a first place trophy for the best bike, thanks to my man Waqqas and his brother Naqqish.

Autocross Windy City Miata Club

I go to autocross to take a break from the shows and its relatively close to home. Autocross stimulates all the senses, turbo spooling, engines revving, tires squealing. Now take it all in, sight, the smell, the sound. Autocross has yet let me down and has provided countless good days. Autocross is a great place to start before going to your first track day. Enjoy the pics and video.



Automass rd 1 was a highly anticipated event for Chicago. There’s been an increase in 240sx, 350z, purchases amongst other rwd platforms here in the Midwest. I’m even seeing the is300 chassis attracting a following, and they modify with intent for sideways action. What is special about  automass is that there is always something to do. Whether your watching your favorite Chicago crew going sideways, or walking around looking at the best builds from the Midwest, or trying out Chicago’s mobile food scene all the while listening to local Chicago d.j’s mix up the tunes. Automass has the day covered. Enjoy the pics and video….


Toyota park was once again host to the highest anticipated car show and drift event held in the Chicago land known as Automass round II. This time automass would be different for stance down low. We were a vendor and sponsor, so I got to bring my friends, and my lil set up to the event  for a day of fun in the sun and Chicago‘s drifting… enjoy the pics and the video.

  Chitownmeets.com 1st Annual Meet

Chitownmeets.com 1st annual meet For the 1st annual chitownmeets.com meet it turned out to be a rainy one. On and off showers with a consistent mist steadily coming down all day, provided some challenges for everyone. Whether it was staying dry or getting some shots and not destroying your gear, the days obstacles seemed daunting. So I was not able to get any video because my camera is not waterproof(note to self). So for most of the day I spent it keeping myself and my friends dry and then their friends. It was a party in the SDL canopy. Enjoy the pics.

Dean’s Performance BBQ

Dean’s performance is a shop in St. Charles a suburb outside Chicago. Their mission is to provide top notch customer service and the best quality work possible. They are a 100% full service shop, from one of a kind turbo builds to general repair, dean’s performance can handle it all.


  JDM Chicago presents Frinday Night Lights

This was jdm Chicago’s actual last fnl on a Friday at this location. For Friday night lights has continued to grow and after this last fnl they changed days and locations. For the last Friday night lights,  this was a high turn out.

ILL garage presents ILLfest

ILL garage is the Midwest’s “ILL”est source for performance and jdm parts and accessories. They specialize in Honda and Nissan chassis. From fender rolling, engine swaps, to custom fabrication, and parts dealing ill garage provides customers with the best possible. Once a summer ill garage opens the doors to the car scene for a meet that has turned into an event called ILLfest.


Toward the end of may, my buddy cid the owner of mxpi decided to open his doors for a day of food, friends, and fun in the sun. That morning would have suggested otherwise, and with clouds and rain falling all morning.  With the bbq almost rescheduled, but if one has faith things might just work out. Then the sun was shinning, and the weather was sweet. "If you build it, they will come". Come they did to MXPI.

Destination Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For an awesome car show at miller park baseball stadium. A convoy lead by elegant shot studios organized a cruise for the Chicagoland cars to travel on up to the cheese state for StanceWi 2012. There was an autocross event in the next lot which provided some entertainment and a change of pace to the show.


  Stretch Your Legs 7
A day down by the harbor is a meet brought to enthusiast by the guys at zero clearance that brings out all of Chicago car community. For each time,  this meet has grown bigger and bigger and has become an event not to be missed. The pleasurable drive down lake shore drive and the scenic harbor as the destination and skyline as a background, no questions why this meet wins on all levels. This time the guys at mxpi and I amongst the help of social media organized a pre-meet cruise to stretch your legs 7.

Stretch Your Legs 9
Its Sunday morning and the harbor is calling. The weather could not of been clearer nor could we have asked for a better day. I arrived to the harbor around a quarter to one to setup and notice a few cars meeting up and driving around. Me being me, I thought the meet was at the same place as ones previous, so with my early arrival my goal was to snag the same position as before. Now its two o'clock …Showtime!!! My guys just arrived, and the question was "where is everyone at?" To keep it short, I set up in the wrong place. Stretch your legs 9 was just around the corner in the harbor. We had a big laugh, packed up then relocated for another great day at the harbor. We brought a grill and a football and just enjoyed the city of Chicago and also a few little league soccer games in the nearby park area. Stretch your legs is one of my favorite meets because its very chill. A great location on the lake, and its an enjoyable drive along the lake shore drive make. At the end of it all,  we packed up and went to max out. Just a few minutes away from Montrose harbor is a fresh place. We convoyed to Lincoln and Foster for some shwarma wraps and combination plates, this feast a buddy in the crew called "stretch our stomachs". All in all, it was better than a fabulous day.

  Wangfest (Memorial Day Weekend)
Wangfest is the brainchild of Mike at pro function automotive a Honda tuner with a knack for tuning. Wangfest is at ginger man raceway located in south haven Michigan. A two to three hour drive from Chicago, ginger Mann is an ideal track if your driving your car home. With plenty of run off area, one will mow more grass than break parts. This was my first track day, and I drove my Honda there. I could not of been more excited to test my setup and myself on track. Thanks to redline photos.com for all the shots of me on track. A good suspension, brake setup, some sticky tires, a good driving line and having no fear when approaching a corner will more than make up for power. I might of even had the lowest horsepower car in the field but my instructor will tell u this…. I held my own.

The last wangfest event track day for the season. Held in the month of October the name seemed fitting, but with rain and constant showers the name gave a whole new meaning to the weekend. I was only able to come on Sunday which was due to my work schedule. Sunday was for intermediate and advanced drivers, so it pretty much turned into an open track. Drivers were able to Run for as long as they can or as long as mother nature let them.

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