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TIC Car Show 2014



The day of the show I met some friends at a designated location so that we can cruise together to the TIC car and bike show. Going as a spectator this year, allowed me this opportunity to cruise with these euro temptations. An average shopping center became alive this morning. 

The rumble of the boxer engine shook the latte clad starbucks going hipsters and the stares of interest began. Everyone starts the day differently, some need a cup of joe and caffeine to wake up. While others need a bit of boost to kick start the morning. No better rush than an adrenerline rush.

As the last few arrive cars arrive, the crowd mostly audi and volkswagen dominated the parking space. My scion and the honda didnt feel out of place at all. A quick introduction to the ones I did not know and an exchange of greetings to the familiar faces soon thereafter led to the roll out. 

With the drivers saddled up, we made our exit. Organized as can be, one by one each car made its way onto the road. The goal to stick together and arrive as one to TIC. Lets see how well we did.

 We were able to cruise as one and stay together all along the way to TIC. Not every cruise I've been on has been so smooth. I atest that to the maturity of the drivers. It is quite the site to see a row of modified cars cruising down the highway that just makes people stop and stare. They hear us coming and realize that it is a convoy. Good times most definitely on a hot summer day and to much relief the show was held in shade and out of the sun.

The registration process was seamless and entering the show was quick and expedited. Just a stop at the table to check in or pay the fee with the TIC team, insured no hold up's and no long lines or wait times. 

With a first come, first served parking regiment, the top spots were grabbed quckly and crews made sure to roll in together. With plenty of space, there was more than enough room for everyone to be accomadated. 

Here is So ILL setting up. A del sol with a civic front end sets this honda apart and add to the unique essense of this company. Be sure to check out this brand as they are all about the love of the scene. One of the cooler business owners I've met in the scene and glad to have crossed paths. Also, they have some sick shirt designs and are Class act individuals.

Then I came across this evo. We see why I stopped to take this picture. This thing is simply beautiful and belongs to a friend of mine named Jose'. The red and white color combination never gets old and the fact that its pushing more than 400hp and torque number to match. It looks good while going fast and that is never a bad combination.

From the red and white we move to a white type R. Being a honda fan myself and owning "The Type R Legend" by Best Motoring Internationalfrom a very young age, this tattood the heritage and bloodline of honda performance in me. Which led to an EK9 as my weapon of choice. The B18c5 engine is truely remarkable and I can only say so much. So please watch some "Hot Version" or "Best Motoring International" to gain yourself familiar with the infamous four banger.

Staying attracted to honda's, I came across this fit in the Istance area. Rocking two different color pairs of shows, one has to make a double take when walking past. When walking past though, be sure to check out the team at Istance. Also a new brand to the scene that are making a name for themselves. Very cool brand and I highly recomend checking them out.

The most unconventional, unsurpassed and phenomenal Rx8 in the chicagoland had garnered plenty of attention. Just recently being completed, the crowd and peers made thier judgements and moved along. With that said, everyone stopped to check this Rx8 out.

Not far from the Rx8 where these rotiforms. Tucked into the fenders like a kid being tucked into bed, the low car stance is acheived with air suspension and completely changes the demeaner of the vehicle.

The vehicle we speak of is this Volkswagen. It could be all the audi's and Volkswagen's I cruised with in the morning that influenced my taste in the german manufacturer's. Undeniably, when you look good others will notice that you look good as well.

Another of chicago's finest that just looks good. This S2k is already sporting new shoes for the 2015 season. Be on the look out for that.

The music being turned down and the vendors packing up meant that it is time to roll out. Until next time TIC, its been a pleasure.

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