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ClubFR Drift Day51




Drift Day 51 is an event put together by Club FR. Club FR is the midwest first drift organization based out of Chicago and started back in 2003. With an emphasis on hosting legal drift events, club FR has been a proving ground in developing some of the midwests' best drivers. 

These drivers tend to stick together and form themselves into teams. It is more than a competitive sport, the drivers form a brotherhood amongst eachother. Spending sleepless nights together, shedding blood and sweat together, all in the pursuit of happiness. These experiences forge the trust, loyalty and patience needed to become successfull at this craft known as drifting.

One of the midwest well known teams is Team Proceed. Formed a few years ago by a group of friends who have been drifting together for more than a decade. The Cressida above is the newest member to the team. The suspension has been overhauled with a full serial 9 suspension arm set and stance coilovers. While an oil cooler and a koyo radiator increase reliability to an otherwise stock engine. See, we dont need power or v8's to drift. 

This 1jz supra is also part of team proceed as we see it sporting the custom vinyl. It sits nicely with the Advan RGII wheels tucked tightly in the fenders. What we don't see is the hard work and time it took to get the car where it is today. Rare and high quality parts drape this A60 supra all over from its blitz twin turbo kit to the array of AB flug-style aero.

Club Sandwich one can say are the new kids on the block. Recently this team has come on to the scene and is making a name for itself. With six members on the team and everyone helping to get each others cars on the road and to events. Not every car can make it every time. Still the SC reps his set to the fullest and ripped the track a new one. 

This ray of sunshine sporting no front bumper and repping a TRACKER banner is a 180sx. The s-chassis has been a favorite among the drift crowd, 180's and 240's are the chassis of choice. This low, V.I.P style embodied by drifters is not an accident but rather done on purpose. Designed not only to make jaws drop while parked but also to drift well and to look fabulous while doing it. 

Yellow, no front bumper, and repping a TRACKER banner. Can these two S-chassis be teammates. All indications point to yes. While the huge front mount intercooler indicates a turbo upgrade might be under the bonnet. 

Now that we have gone through the pits and met some of the teams, we stumble upon an FC heading to the grid. The ol' school rotorary is an option outside the norm of S-chassis' and 2jz's. This mazda is rocking a substantial trunk mounted rear wing which lends to keeping the car planted while zooming through the corners.

The drifting is held at USA International Raceway in Wisconsin just a few hours aways from Chicago. This storm trooper of an FC rx7 had its way with the track. Staying smooth and not loosing control of the angle is key to maintaing a good drift.

Not all that attend these Drift Days are neccesaryily on a team. There are plenty of lone rangers out there drifting just to drift. Club FR encourages people to come and drift. Having a safe environment and natural competition leads to the progression of the driver abilities.

As a beginner it doesn't hurt to watch and to see how it is done by the local professionals. Club sandwich's 240 hitting that e-brake to hold the angle while analyzing his entrance into a corner. 

While the yellow TRACKER 240 is powering out the corner and keeping the steering angle in check, so to not let the back end slide out of control. Its a balance between your foot and the throttle.

One thing that is for certian in the world of drifting is you will go through tires. Having enough rubber is key to survival. Spares on top of spares is recommended. One good run can eat a set of tires but tires are not the only thing that can end a day prematurely.

Suspension components breaking under these harsh driving conditions and engine failures are all to often the first, second or third leading causes that end ones day of drifting. Everyone is more than willing to help and the small acts of kindness can temporarily erase the driver frustration.

That is what the pits are for, repairs are made whether or not jerry-rigged and back out to the grid they go. I leave you now with team breaking's S13 and 180sx tearing up the track. I want to thank Mike Stern for enduring stomach pains due to some bad McDonalds breakfast to take these pictures of some of the midwest best drifters.




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