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Tuner Galleria 2015

Photo's by: Enkh-Erdene Enkhbat

Video by: H&K Media

Words by: Alex Torres

2015 Car season is officially underway. The snow is starting to melt here in the windy city and ol' man winter seems to have blown its last cold breathe. Which Tuner Galleria couldn't have timed any better. This season kick-off event draws much anticipation from the midwest because it is the first opportunity to bring one's show car out of hibernation. Not only that but the show has filled the void of others from the past like, Hot Import Nights and WekFest, which no longer stop in Chicago. A multi-faceted car show experience, Tuner Galleria focus' on high-caliber vehicles and let's be honest.... hot girls.

Like a steam engine gaining momentum, Tuner Galleria has grown with each year that pass. This year CCW Forged Wheels climbed aboard as a presenting sponsor. For someone that values performance over all else, then there's no other option to get but a Complete Custom Wheel. CCW provides petrolheads with a way to get the most out of a wheels performance without getting the most out of your wallet. 

We see CCW's new set of wheels known as the SP16 hybrid forged wheel on a 350z. The body has been widened by the overfenders in order to accomodate the added width. The rocket bunny kits have become the uber modification and for good reason. Only accentuating the body lines and curves, a rocket bunny kit brings this 350z to life. While the gills in the front fenders help the car breathe. Like a fish, the air enters the front bumper and out the sides, effectively keeping the brakes cool at all times. Or at least that's what the goal is.

From one 350z to another. Same car yet totally different takes on tuning. This one in particular is sporting a swap from its older brother. The SR20det motor has passed the test of time and has won the hearts of many. By just the magnificant roar created when all cylinders are fired, the orchestra this combustion engine makes is titilating. The seriousness under the hood influences the rest of the mods. The exterior upgraded with vertex track proven goodies compliment the big wing. While the carbon peices help shed weight.

Moving along the masses, I spotted a lesser known wheel brand but familar to me. The wheels are known as "7.VEN DESIGNS" Click the link to see when I first meet these guys and for more information on their brand.

 What stole my heart is this red headed beauty of a 370z painted by the guys at Fizz Autosport. I have sort of an affinity with red heads and this one took my breathe away. In person, the different angles in which light hits the car, brings out this flake in the paint. A gold flake that once caputured a glimmer of light sparkled like the forth of july. 

Continuing through the Fizz Booth I tried to regain my strength for that 370z left me weak in the knees. Only to loose my breathe once again. A Lexus on air ride with just the right wheel set up is all that's really needed to make an impression. A touch of comfort and sophistication round out the V.I.P builds.... stay classy chicago. 

Carrying on our air ride journey, the guys at AB Motoring like to air it out. Mostly euro makes and models as their platforms to modify. What was once a typical daily driven volkswagen is transformed into a magic carpet ride with air suspension. The rims are tucked nicely in the wheel wells of this golf.

The piece of resistance though from AB Motoring is their Rocket Bunny V2 equipped BR-z. 

Four Star Society also made an impact presence with the array and quality of vehicles in their line up at Tuner Galleria. My favorite is this STI hatchback sporting a widebody kit. Stunning vehicle to say the very least. 

A clean 240? You mean one that isn't rusted out or drifted to sh*t. Yes, your eyes are not mistaking you and this is a very clean 240. Thank you for being so clean 240

Not far from the four star society rest my buddy and owner of www.chitownmeets.com 's skyline gts in the Beyond Boost Crew area. A new and recent purchase, crunch time was met with haist and the car was completed in time for Tuner Galleria.

What would the EVO be without the STI or what would the S4 be without the 3-series. BMW and Audi have had this same type of rivalary since the 3-series set the bench mark way back when. A sedan's all around performance and poise on the road served as the determining factors on which luxury sport sedan is truely best. 

With that said, there were no sortages of BMW's anywhere. Especially in the Zima Motorsports area. Almost felt like being at a dealership with how new these cars are. Already being modified shows that these guys are nothing short of professionals.

Its in the details and subtleties of a modification that bring the owners character to life in the car. A simple unique vinyl strip guarantees its one a kindness, while showing us some of the owners personality.

To round out the zima area was this carbon drapped lambo. A lambo is expensive out the gate, so to modify it takes deep pockets and skill. I recently hit a deer out in the country on my way home, my carbon fiber hood held up without a scratch while my bumper was unsalvageable. Wonder how a carbon fiber bumper would of held up. Either way, I would not want to be responsible for any damage on this beauty.

Not only did CCW sponsor the show but other parts manufacturers brought out their latest and greatest from thier product lines. We see on display at the STANCE-USA booth, the new STANCE Air Cup Suspension system along side thier other coilover systems.

After making a few trips around the show, I found myself starring at this midori green hatch from milwalkee. An engine bay one can eat off and packing quite the vtec punch. The turbocharged b-series has the looks that can kill while leaving the others in the dust rather quickly. 

The Ruckus game is on point in chicago and the little scooters are fun little things to make your own. 

It is getting to be a tougher choice between the EVO and the STI. Seems the natural evolution in this rivalary is to become the same vehicle. Either way, its the preference and the taste of the consumer which will make that decision. 

The BTR Crew had on display a rocket bunny equipped hyundai genesis coupe. Hyundai has grown its loyal group of tuners by providing a package thats affordable and fun to drive. Blood Type Racing INC. has made a good reputation for itself by providing their customers with the best solutions to meet thier needs

For the kick off to the season, Tuner Galleria has been the event midwesterners look forward to. Being organized and bringing inovative car companies together to get involved makes this show successful. Leaving us with only anticipation for next year.  

Photo's by: Enkh-Erdene Enkhbat

Words by: Alex Torres

Video by: H&K Media

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