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Behind The Scene - Stay ILL

My amigo's over at STAY ILL hit me up earlier in the week for a photoshoot they had in mind. Wanting to launch the new shirts for their new brand, the guys wanted to get a couple pictures to help market the new brand. After discussing the gist of the concept and location in mind, I figured this sounds like a good time.

The location for the shoot was a place called the Secret Vault Boutique Studio Gallery. A unique space where in the front is a nice showroom gallery displaying  shoes, clothing and artwork. In the back was the art studio, where we would be.

The models I had the pleasure of working with were a miss Brenda Lezon and Mariah Peterson. True beauties, I only hope my nervousness didn't come off too awkward. 

And the male model was the V.P of Stay ILL eric, his brother.

It was definitely a cool experience and I had a good time. Plus when you're hanging out with friends having fun, the work doesn't seem much like work.

We even played around with some smokey shots. Thank you eric, the V.P of Stay ILL for the candid shots. I didn't even realize Eric was taking pictures until I turned around. Yes, he was that quite. Thank you Shane for the ride in the s4. I'm excited to see of what is to come for Stay ILL.

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